Famous for its sumptuous and mouth-watering delicacy, the Greek diet offers a rich bread menu, fruits, vegetables, and grains. Greek foods are also one of the healthiest foods you’ll ever find on the earth. They’re fresh, full of flavor, and go beyond hunger satisfaction. Greek meals are made from natural local ingredients such as olive oil, lemon juice, and they also contain a variety of fresh and dried herbs.

Hummus, Melitzanosalata, tzatziki, taramasalata, gyro, and Avgolemono are healthy and delicious Greek foods you can’t wait to enjoy to your nutritional satisfaction. Here are five reasons why Greek foods will make an excellent choice as an essential addition to your diet.

Greek Foods Are Healthy

If there’s a single reason why Greek foods should be your favorite choice, then it’s due to the enormous health benefits you can derive from them. Taking Greek foods can decrease your heart attack risk, diabetes, obesity, and premature death. Ever wondered why many Greeks have long life spans? Their diet is a principal reason, of course. Therefore, don’t forget to eat some Greek foods if you’d like to live longer too.

You can derive lots of vitamins in the Greek diet, which mainly contains lots of fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. Like ancient Greece, the main dishes in the modern Greece diet are vegetables and meat, such as red meat considered a side dish. However, today, we still have many Greek meat consumers, although Greeks primarily derive their proteins from beans, legumes, seafood, and lambs.

Their foods also contain quality and abundant proteins that will build your body, aid your body metabolism, and serve as a significant energy source. One of the most popular foods in Greece, Olives oil, will enrich your body with healthy fats and add refreshing flavor and taste to every Greek dish you take. For example, you can dip your bread in the Olives oil and enjoy the creamy sweetness.

Greek Foods Never Die

Greek foods might be old, but their uniqueness never die. Generally, Greeks are always known to embrace their traditions and customs. Modern Greeks don’t abandon the Ancient Greeks’ lifestyle, including their dressing style and professions, and most importantly, their foods and eating habits. If you love to eat ancient nutritional foods cooked traditionally, then the Greek foods are for you.

For example, you could satisfy your taste buds with the lentil soup or the dolmades commonly eaten by the Ancient Greeks. You can still find some Greek meals around today, which were in existence in 350 BC when Archestratus was presumed to have written the first cookbook ever. His poem “Hedypatheia,” was primarily focused on fish.

How about enjoying your dolmades or gyros with your hands and using bread as napkins? Well, eating with hands and using food as napkins is a notable tradition practiced by the ancient Greeks, which you might find intriguing. However, depending on your choice, you can still choose to enjoy the Greek delicacy with the conventional fork and spoon. You want the best way to enjoy your ideal meals.

Greek Foods Are Natural and flavorful

Fresh, original and natural, Greek foods can form part of your healthy diet, substantially reducing your exposure to chronic diseases. Greeks’ fresh fruits and vegetables have significant water content fundamental to your body’s natural hydration. Not only are their fruits and vegetables raw, but Greeks foods are also mainly prepared from fresh and local ingredients such as Mediterranean vegetables, lemon juice, olive oil, and native spices like Oregano, basil, thyme, etc.

These quality ingredients largely account for the great taste and health benefits that Greeks foods offer. Also, Greeks do gather fresh and wholesome seafood, mostly fish off the three seas’ seacoasts that surrounded the land of Greece. Therefore, you’ll do your body a favor by eating fresh, natural, and unfrozen foods of Greeks.

The Greek foods are flavorful and made up of various but unique cuisines that might become your favorites. The first winemaking was in Greece, and the country is also the birthplace of Dionysus, the god of wine. Thus, you’ll enjoy your Greek meals with a cup of wine just like the Greeks do.

Greek Foods Increase Bonds

Greeks value food as an essential part of their daily lives, which reflects in their eating environment.  They like to recline on single beds as couches mostly made out of wood, unlike modern woodworks, which are now made with efficient tools such as the Bevel Scale and the digital RPM readout. Mostly, friends and families eat together, and they use the eating periods to socialize and discuss topical issues in their society.

Slowly savoring their foods while sitting, they connect and build healthy relationships and they mostly dine outdoors since their country lies in a temperate region. Greeks practiced hospitality as a primary virtue, and hence you can expect to be treated with great respect and honor in a Greek restaurant such as the Kapnos Restaurant.

Greek Foods Are Vegetarian-Friendly

Greek foods comprise mainly plant-based foods such as vegetables and grains. So if you’re a vegetarian or love plant-based foods, then Greek foods are your right pick. Additionally, Greek foods also contain seafood, and pescatarians will satisfyingly enjoy the Greek diet. Though, Greeks do eat lambs as meat. And if you’re not a vegetarian or a fish-lover, the Greek food contains abundant traditional and modern dishes and cuisines to give you a pleasant gastronomical treat.


From being delicious and healthy, to be fresh and natural, adding Greek foods to your diet exposes you to a world of nutritional nourishment, healthy living, and pleasant social connections.

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