all spreads come with one serving of flatbread

pikilia sampling of three spreads 24

tzatziki yogurt, cucumber, dill, citrus 10

tyrokafteri feta, smoked manouri cheese, grains of paradise 11

taramosalata carp roe, caviar, cauliflower 12

revithosalata chickpea, tahini, sultan chutney 9

melitzanosalata smoked eggplant, roasted peppers, walnuts, feta 10

favosalata yellow lentils, scallions, black garlic, pine nuts 9

stone baked flatbread garlic oil 3

crudité green tomato, kohlrabi, lemon, sesame 4



cold mezze

farm house vegetable salad feta, red wine vinaigrette 13

maroulosalata mixed baby greens, tahini, green apple 12

dolmades grape leaves, pine nuts, grilled grapes 9

baby beets pickled green strawberry, manouri mousse, pistachio, kumquat  9

marinated olives red chili, kefalograviera, marcona almonds 8

lamb tartare ras el hanout yogurt, gem lettuce, crispy chickpea 15

tuna tartare harissa, grilled avocado, taro root 16


garden mezze

falafel roasted eggplant, tahini, romaine 11

kolokithokeftedes zucchini fritters, mint yogurt 11

greek fries chickpeas, peppercorns, mizithra cheese 10

gigandes giant beans, charred tomato, garlic scapes, nigella 12

fava yellow lentils, corn, english pea 11

horta swiss chard, sorrel, garbanzo, heirloom tomato 11

roasted cauliflower roasted tomato, oregano, almond, feta cheese 12

fourno patates lemon, oregano, chive 11

grilled asparagus egg, spiced dakos, pickled onion 13


ocean mezze

aegina shrimp artichoke, sugar snap peas, saffron, pattypan squash 15

marinated salmon kebab chermoula, summer bean salad, garlic scapes 15

american red snapper english pea, thumbelina carrot, cumin vinaigrette 16

charred octopus green harissa, grilled eggplant, roasted tomato 16


phyllo pies

roasted duck  cress, cherries, pistachio yogurt 15

summer squash zucchini, toasted almond, feta, roasted red pepper 14

spanakopita spinach, leeks, feta  12


wood roasted mezze

marinated lamb bulgur, cous cous, wild rice 17

suckling pig orzo, dill, orange 18

spiced baby goat kale, chickpea, red pepper 18

loukaniko sausage berbere lentil puree, pickled vegetables 14

chili marinated beef souvlaki red russian kale, yellow squash, skordalia 16


for the table

spit roasted chicken  lemon potatoes  half 22/whole 38

whole bronzino 1 ½ lb  heirloom tomato, swiss chard, garbanzo 42

salt baked whole dorado  horta, sorrel  44

whole lamb shoulder  79

whole pork shoulder  79



monday- moussaka  14
tuesday- lobster hilopites 18
wednesday- rack of lamb 28
thursday- saganaki  13
friday- beef short ribs 18
saturday- kapama  15
sunday- kakavia 16


chef tasting menu

allow the chef to create a custom menu for your party  75

vegetarian tasting menu  65

beverage pairing  39


Ingredients may not be listed in their entirety.  Please inform your server of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.